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Back Where it All Began | Neighbourhood Superhero Photos Brisbane

A couple of years ago, I got our little gang of neighbourhood heroes together to create a special image. My first superhero composite. They would always been playing in their favourite costumes (and they still do!), and I felt it was an important childhood phase to celebrate and commemorate.

You can see the original post, along with individual character shots and a behind the scenes video here at Little Stories Studio.

The other day I was watching them playing their own imaginary game of Avengers. I saw Sam (my littlest, and Ironman in the photo above) take Mjölnir from Callum (Batman above, but more often Thor these days). As he gripped it his arm was “dragged” to the ground, and with great dramatic effect he said “I can’t lift it! It’s too heavy!”. To which Thor, of course, responded, “You are not worthy!”

And so the game continued… Such an adorable moment for me to catch, and just a blink of an eye in the entirety of their growing up years.

You might recognise some of these munchkins from other blogs posts – Ninja Will, Hunter as Harry Potter, Callum as Thor, Mia as Captain Marvel, Sam as the Lionhearted King. Just as my Photoshop skills have greatly improved, in just a couple of years they have grown and changed so much.

To find out more about creating a custom character portrait for the little people in your life, have a look at the Creative Kids Portraits page here.

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