For little ones with big imaginations…

Make your child’s fantasy come true! Celebrate their favourite character obsession or commemorate a special birthday with a completely customised digital composite portrait.

Step 1

It all starts with an idea. Get in touch with a general concept of the image you’d like me to create. Don’t worry if you don’t have the costume already – you can hire one as part of your package.

Step 2

We chat about your ideas and I plan out your composite. We’ll pick a date – but if we need to source costumes and/or background images, we’ll organise that first.

Step 3

See you in the studio! The shoot itself will typically be pretty quick. I’ll capture a few different poses, with the background elements in mind, and then choose the best one to work with for the finished product.

Step 4

Editing your digital composite is an intricately detailed process. You can expect your finished portrait to ready for viewing in about 1-2 weeks.

Step 5

The unveiling! See your superstar’s stunning photo and choose how you would like to print it.

Acrylic Print

Framed Canvas

Wooden Print

Metal Print

These gorgeous prints really have to be seen to be appreciated – the photos just don’t do them justice! The colours and textures available are incredible.

You can see these sample prints in the studio during your shoot, before you decide which type of finished product to choose.

Get in touch today to start imagining your little one’s larger-than-life portrait experience.